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Abrasives – sanding – sheets, rolls, belts, Discs. Flap – Disc, Wheel. Grinding – Discs, Stone.


Bearings – Industrial and automative / agricultural bearings and trailer bearings.

Belts – V belts, Timing belts, Ploy V Belts, HAbasit Belts.

Belting – (used)  Conveyor , PVC Belt, Belt Lacing/ fasteners; Conveyor belt glue.

Cutting – Discs – steel , masonry. Blades – Bandsaw, circulars, Hacksaw, Jigsaw, Power-saw and diamond cutting blades.

Chain – Roller, Leaf, Conveyor, Agricultural.

Clamps – Hose- Light/Heavy Duty,Stainless, Ear clamps/ clamp- sash clamp, bar clamps, G clamps, buckles, strap up.

Construction equipment – Rammer, Drive units, Pokers, Compactors.

Consumables – Boiler chalk, cable ties, contact adhesive, cutting fluid, hand cleaner, marking blue, rags, shimstock, Stanley blades, Tapes- insulation, thread, box, masking, double sided, duct, reflective. Spray- belt dressing, foam, tape, multi-purpose, silicone, zincgalvanized, Wire bushes, Tapmatic, Loctite, Thinner 2K, Thinner lacquer, Benzine, Methylated spirits, Acetone.

Chemical industrial – FMCG, degreasers, cleaners.

Couplings – Air/water, Quick couplers, Claw couplers, Camlock couplers. – Drive – Tyre coupling, HRC, Nylicon.

Drill bits – steel/masonry – HSS, Cobalt, SDS,  Spade, Core bits, auger,  Drill sharpeners, Hole-saws.

Engineering – Boring bar, burr,  dies, endmills,  inserts, recoil reamers, tool steel, taps,  tips, tool holders, engineering nylon, Tufnol, vesconite,  thread gauge,  feeler gauge.

Electric –  AC / DC,  cable.

Electrical – Plugs, cables,  extensions, joins couplers. 

Fans/motors –  Foot base mount,  220 V plus 380V, extraction, blower fans.

Fasteners –  Pop rivets, threaded rod, Bulk nuts, Bolts washers,  Male plug, Sleeve anchors.

Filtration –  Osmosis,  Industrial.

Fire fighting –  Bakkie firefighting units,  Hoses, Nozzles, Pumps, Hose reels.

Fuel Transfer –  Pumps 220 V + 12 V,  Nozzles, Hoses, Filters.

Grease gun –  Foot operated,  hand operated, pneumatic,  grease couplings.

Gasketing –  Cork,  graphite, steam, velumoid,  gasket maker, high heat.

Hardware –  Paint brushes, hinges, building tools, crowbar, wrecking bar, hard hats, padlocks, pipe wrenches, bottle cutters, shifters.

Hoses – Airline, ducting, HDPE, LDPE, Kanaflex, Suction/ delivery rubber, Oxygen, Oil, Water, Silicone, Food grade, Acetylene

Hydraulics – Hoses, adaptors, couplers, fittings, pumps.

Husqvarna – Lawn mowers.

Irrigation – HDPE nylon, LDPE, PVC, SV, UG, pipes and fittings, stainless steel pipe and fittings, sprinklers, microjets,  air valves, tripods, standpipes, water purification filters.

Lubricants –  Grease,  copper/nickel compound. Oil – compressor, pneumatic, engine.

Lifting equipment – Chain block, Sling, Hooks, Hand winch, Lever hoist, Ratchet, Straps, Shackle – bow, D, Safety harness, Turnbuckle, Tie down, Chain, Lever binder, Beam crawl, Webbing, Snatch block.

Measuring – Dial gauge, Steel rule, Square, Tapes, Verniers, Callipers, Levels, Dumpy levels, Spring dividers.

O-ring/seals – Pneumatic, hydraulic, HP seals, metric-imperial, O-rings,o-ring cord, seals, o-ring kit, manufacture of cam/agricultural seals.

Oils/ Grease – Fuchs.

Paints –  Spray paint,  high heat sprays,  resin.

Pulleys –  Aluminium, cast iron,  pilotbore / taperlock,  rope pulley.

Pumps –  Water pumps electrical/ petrol,  submersible, mono, pool pump, pond pump, sludge pump, mechanical seals-  chemical pumps,  borehole pumps.

Plumbing –  copper, conex,  delcop fitting, polycop piping,  taps.

Pneumatic –  filters, regulators, fittings, tubing, components cylinders, pneumatic valves.

Power tools –  angle grinder, blowers, circular saw, drilling machines, jigsaws, Sanders, planers, mag base drilling machine, die grinders, cordless tools, cut-off saws, mitre saws.

Pressure washers –  petrol/ diesel/ electrical commercial, DIY.


Rubber – Insulation, neoprene, flooring.

Rope –  Galvanized/ stainless wire rope,  Nylon, Wood clamps, PVC, Polyprop, Manila.

Sprockets –  Pilot bore/ taper lock.

Safety – Dust mask, respirators, gloves, goggles, spectacles, harness, rain suits, first aid kits.

Springs – Compression, Expansion.

Taper bushes –  Metric/ Imperial.

Tools – Allen keys, combination spanners, pliers, sockets, screwdrivers, vice grips, tool boxes, shifting spanners water pliers, key sockets.

Trailer spares –  Leaf Springs, u-bolts, saddles, axles, rims, tyres.

Valves – Steam, water, hydraulic- ball valve, butterfly, Gate, non-return valve, safety relief valve, stainless steel.

Wire wheels/ brushes –  Bench mounted, Cup brush, boiler tube brush, grinding wheels.

Workshop equipment –  Fuses, booster clamps, jumper cables, lugs,  Jacks,  stands,  presses, parts washer, tool boxes, compressor, generator, drill press, vacuum cleaners, trolley carts.

Wheel/ castors –  Fixed, swivel, jockey wheels.

Welding –  Consumables, MIG, TIG wire, brazing rod, silver solder, MIG and TIG welders, inverters welding helmets, welding rods, welding cable, Earth clamp electrical.

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We supply water pumps, tanks, borehole pumps, hydraulic hoses manufactured while you wait,  brake pipes manufactured while you wait, ball joint reconditioning, galvanised pipe supply/ threading and After Hours hydraulic/ brake hoses manufacturing.

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