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Water Harvesting – Conserve & Store

Water is about survival

Rainwater harvesting enables us to significantly reduce our reliance on municipal infrastructures.

Harvesting our rainwater is simple: collect – store- use

The current municipal crisis on the South Coast and the dire drought in the Cape have raised our collective awareness . Awareness without action, cannot effect change.

Conserve one of the most precious and sought after natural resources on Earth

All living things need water. 97 percent of Earth’s water supply consists of the salt water in our oceans, 2 percent is frozen in ice caps and glaciers, and only 1 percent is reachable and suitable for human consumption




Don’t Get Caught Without Water




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Save Water @ Home


Conserve Water – Save Money – Every Drop Counts

Check taps and pipes for leaks
A small drip from a worn faucet washer can waste 80 litres of water per day. Larger leaks can waste hundreds of litres.

Don’t use the toilet as an ashtray or rubbish bin
Every time you flush a cigarette butt, earbud,  facial tissue or other small bit of trash, 20 litres of water is wasted.

Check your toilets for leaks
Put a little food colouring in your cistern. If, without flushing, the colour begins to appear in the bowl within 30 minutes, you have a leak that should be repaired immediately.
Most replacement parts are inexpensive and easy to install.


Conserve and harvest your rainwater.

Something that many might take for granted is becoming highly coveted: water. (Call 039) 685 5172, for water solutions



Conserve and harvest your rainwater. In fact, water has become more precious than gold. While the planet Earth is primarily covered in water, only 2.5% of it is fresh, and only a portion of that is drinkable


Over the past 10 years the S&P 500 Global Water index has outperformed the gold and energy indices