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SABS Approved Water Pipes HPDE, LPDE. PVC


Not all pipes are the same! We sell cost effective, reliable and durable SABS approved HDPE, LPDE & PVC, with confidece – Call Brett or Visha 039 685 5172 or visit us at 10 Hudson Road Marburg

All of our HDPE, LDPE and PVC Pipes are SABS Approved and Manufactured to Internationally Accepted Standards


HPDE: High density Polyethylene pressure pipes are specified with confidence in the following applications:

  • Civil Engineering. Water mains and reticulation systems
  • Building. house connections and cold water reticulation systems
  • Agriculture. Irrigation and water supply schemes
  • Industrial. Sewer effluent control and water purification. Conveyance of chemicals and water in most industrial plants.
  • Mining. Conveyance of water and air in underground operations. Used extensively in treatment and recovery plants.

HDPE is generally used for high pressure applications ranging from 3.2 to 25 Bar, in conjunction with compression, butt-weld or Electrofusion fittings. HDPE piping conforms to the SABS ISO 4424:1996 specifications.

SABS Approved Polyethylene pressure pipe systems offer many advantages when compared to traditional products, namely:

  • Weather resistance in above ground applications
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Ease of handling and installation, exceptional toughness
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Manufactured long lengths and coils
  • Manufactured to internationally accepted standards
  • Service performance in excess of 50 years