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“Get-Home-at-Any-Cost” Roadside Car Repair

Leak in the radiator. Crack a raw egg into the radiator filler cap (not the overflow tank). The egg white will plug the hole—for a while. To fill the radiator back up: Top it off with water, diet soda, tea, or any other sugar-free liquid.

To fix a punctured fuel tank: Stuff a wedge from a bar of soap into the hole. It’ll last long enough to get you to the closest service station

Oil pan punctured by a stone? Whittle a plug from a twig and hammer it into the hole. But now you’re low on oil. To fill the crankcase, add a 750 ml of water. Really. The oil-pump pickup is not on the exact bottom—the remaining oil will float on top of the water.

Water Wise Tips Save Drops & Drips

Remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
A running tap can use up to 6 litres a minute.


Always remember to fix any dripping taps
A dripping tap can lose up to 4 litres of water a day


Use a bucket and sponge to wash the car, rather than a hosepipe.
Hosepipes can use up to 1,000 litres per hour.

car wash


Tie Your Motorbike Down Sport

Trucker’s Hitch, Beats Brute Force 3:1


A trucker’s hitch or power hitch, is crucial for tying down long spans of rope, such as washing lines or guy-lines. It’ll even hold stuff together while glue dries. It secures your equipment on the back of your truck, ‘bakkie’ or trailer. Properly executed, this knot has a mechanical advantage—the force you gain by using a tool or, in this case, a knot—approaching 3:1.

Step 1. Create a slipknot by forming a loop in the rope and pushing a bend in the rope, through the loop. This serves as an upper pulley.
Step 2. Pass the running end of the line around a fixed point and bring the line up through the back of the loop in the slipknot and out. Grasp this running line and get ready for the superhero part: cinching the line taut and then tying some half-hitches.
Step 3. Pull down to tighten the hitch. When you have enough tension to whiten knuckles, hold the running line tight and use your other hand to pinch the U it forms as it passes through the slipknot loop. Finish with two half-hitches. Add a third one, tied with a quick-release loop, to store spare line while adding some security.

Come Clean at the Extreme


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